Portfolio of Antonino Bologna

Clients of Antonino Bologna

  • Rasa Research

    Local Optimization, SEO

    Since January 2016 I have been creating research articles on Rasa Research for those looking to buy peptides and other...

  • Gibson Mortgage

    Local Optimization, Logo Design

    When Gibson Mortgage of Palm Beach Gardens, FL came to me they were in need of a logo designed to...

  • Premier Insulators

    Local Optimization, Web Design

    The Premier Insulators came to Antonino Bologna with nothing more than a thinly designed website that was built on GoDaddy’s website...

  • Shark Addicts

    Local Optimization, SEO, Web Design

    When the Shark Addicts of Jupiter, FL came to me they had a well developed Instagram following but zero way...

  • SD Air LLC

    Local Optimization, Logo Design, SEO, Web Design

    SD Air LLC utilized Antonino Bologna for his skills in Web Design, SEO and Local Optimization.