Have you ever felt like all you do is work with nothing to show for it? Then this is a guide that could help you and your website start generating some positive social media signals using SEO.

In this market today becoming an SEO Analyst is so hard that is seems almost impossible for any one to become credible. I mean even Hulk Hogan was flagged by Google for impersonating a celebrity after he began making a name for himself on Google+. With so many people now realizing the need to take time to hone their optimization skills it’s easy to get lost on your way to the starting line.

So what could I do to implement some SEO moves
in the right direction?

Tips for a Beginning SEO Analyst

The first step is always a reflective question,
“what is my website’s purpose?”

keyword campaignSupposing you have already narrowed down your website’s goal the next step is to begin your keyword campaign. This is an ideal beginning step for any SEO to take that’s starting a new project as it helps to start mapping out your company’s complete scope; the tool I favor is the Google Keyword Planner.

Start off by creating a quick list of 10 – 20 major keywords that apply directly to your overall business and its services.

Tips for Generating Quality Keywords: log into Google Keyword Planner then select “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas,” but rather than using your website for your landing page use a competitor or high authority webpage.

Apply SMO to Personal Profiles


Now, assuming  that you are searching for organic SERP concurring White Hat SEO techniques rather than Black Hat or spammy techniques, it imperative that you we begin the steps toward branding your website in a positive manner.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to begin maintaining a number of professional social media outlets to gain as many direct followers as possible using Social Media Optimization (SMO). Be sure to post relevant content regularly as well as actually engaging with users within each social media platform while utilizing those previously researched keywords.

It’s always smart to start off with the main four social media sites:

  • Google+ (SEOs love this one)
  • Twitter (Extremely powerful followings)
  • Facebook (Great for targeted PPC campaigns)
  • Linkedin (Businesses can really flourish here)

Please feel free to connect with me on any of these social media accounts.

Branding Your Business

business branding

After the creation of your personal/professional social media accounts you will need to create your company pages by utilizing those same SMO techniques.

There are many useful reasons as to why a beginning SEO should create these personal accounts prior to our business account pages. The main reason is that we will require these personal accounts in order to create/manage business pages themselves as well certain accounts will be needed later for when we decide to physically attach those personal profiles to the website as an author.

An example of this would be any Google+ or YouTube business page such as Business Branded Google+ Page and Business Branded YouTube Channel. Though you would also need personal profiles in order to create a business page for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Connecting Yourself as a Contributor


Setting up Google Authorship

As I mentioned earlier certain personal accounts will be needed to physically attach profiles to website posts as authors, this is usually done by linking domains with Google Authorship. Prior to this post I answered the question that many beginning bloggers ask about; “why is Google Authorship important?” In this post I describe the top three benefits of Google Authorship in addition to how it can directly help beginner SEO analysts to be physically connected to their personal Google+ profiles.

However something that I did not go over in my previous blog post was how to attach your now branded Google business page to as a publisher of the website. In Google this is done with publisher markup which works as authorship does except authorship needs to be attached to posts while publisher markup needs to be attached to just the homepage. This is a crucial step for any beginner SEOs as it will allow the website to gain local influence in their rankings through their Google+ business page.

Connecting your Business as a Publisher


In order to add Google publisher markup to a website’s homepage a SEO would need to either create a Google+ badge or they could easily use the HTML tag rel=”publisher” in a link that points directly to the site’s branded Google+ page.

business branding
With that being said SMO starts with branding yourself, then your business, followed by connecting your business brand as well as yourself to be a contributor to your internet works. By the way did you enjoy my graphics? If so then you too can download these SEO icons for free thanks to Patrick Coombe.
Antonino Bologna

Antonino Bologna

Owner / SEO Consultant at Antonino Bologna LLC
Antonino Bologna, owner of Antonino Bologna LLC, is a SEO analyst that lives in South Florida with a background in Network Security.
Antonino Bologna
Antonino Bologna