As a young SEO it’s not unusual for my friends to coerce me into helping them improve their online presence. To provide some insight below is the verbatim answer I provided earlier today on a question about CTR improving rankings from one of my friends that I have been assisting with their reputation management.

Nino if I keep clicking on the sites you made for me in Google will that push them to the top of Google over those pain in the ass articles?

Yes it helps to have higher click-thoughs on “positive” links, like your personal website and other online properties, though Google can tell that it’s just your computer.

To perfect this method try not to use the same device & network so your IP address can change. Another tip is to use Chrome’s “incognito mode” so that when these positive links are clicked on more than the undesirable links it can slightly influence their rank in search results.

However what makes a considerable difference to rankings is by creating more backlinks to increase their authority. Putting it on profiles that are yours is a good place to start. The same goes for the other online properties and positive links about you that should be on a page within your website.

The reason these negative articles at the top is due to many factors. The most influential being that the article is syndicated across multiple news sites with high domain authority while more people continue to link to them in various ways over time.

Additional Organic Search Engine Ranking Factors

In the end there are many factors that can affect a link’s rank in SERPs (search engine result pages). While CTR can influence as a behavioral signal there is nothing is more powerful than quality backlinks from high authority websites.

For more information on what ranking factors can make the larger influence on your site’s organic rankings I highly recommend reviewing Moz’s search engine ranking factors.

Antonino Bologna

Antonino Bologna

Owner / SEO Consultant at Antonino Bologna LLC
Antonino Bologna, owner of Antonino Bologna LLC, is a SEO analyst that lives in South Florida with a background in Network Security.
Antonino Bologna
Antonino Bologna