Continuing from my last post SEO Checklist for Beginners, it is important for a SEO analysts to make themselves known by taking advantage of social media outlets and web 2.0 properties. Following the creation of your personal/professional social media accounts should be the configuring of your business pages using Social Media Optimization (SMO) in mind.

There are may beneficial reason as to why we must create these personal accounts prior to our business account pages. Though the main reason of course being that we will need these personal accounts in order for us to create and manage the business pages themselves.

For example, to be added as a manager to a Facebook business  page you would need to either; be the owner/creator account, be invited after you have liked the page or via email address, or have the correct permissions delegated to your account. All requiring that you make an account prior to your actually business page.

Another reason for create these business accounts is that it will allows you to help create a brand around your own legitimate business whether small or large. Yet I find that the best perk you could possibly have from a social media site would be the perks you gain from having a Google+ profile as post and business information reflect directly in SERPs.

Being publicly attached to your business with Google+ is very important for two Main Reasons:

  1. Public Recognition
  2. Google Authorship

Why is Google Authorship Important?

Google Authorship is important for more than just a couple reasons as there are an abundance of benefits to come from associating it with your Google+ account. Though for the sake of argument I will note only the top three benefits that I find to be the most useful in my SMO.

#1 Having your Picture Displayed Proudly

Florida SEO Analyst

Being able to see your Google+ photo reflect in the SERP.

Above is proof of Antonino being the Rowdiest SEO Analyst

#2 Fueling Information for your Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph Benefits

Authorship Knowledge Graphs are displayed on the right side of Google SERPs.

#3 Strengthen your visibility as a real author in the Google SERP

Benefits of Google Authorship

Any and all blogs that you have your Google Authorship account attached to will display in SERPs.

Antonino Bologna

Antonino Bologna

Owner / SEO Consultant at Antonino Bologna LLC
Antonino Bologna, owner of Antonino Bologna LLC, is a SEO analyst that lives in South Florida with a background in Network Security.
Antonino Bologna
Antonino Bologna