I have put together a matching round icon pack that includes 14 of the major social media platforms including an Ello icon for those who want to be able to display their profile on a blog or website.

If you’ve taken any note to the recent buzz on the internet then you would have heard about a new social networking site called Ello. The website is in beta at the moment making it only available to those who are lucky enough to be invited. Though despite being invite only everyone cannot seem to stop talking about this ad-free social media alternative. With such a rising growth in invite requests to the site it just made sense to create an icon pack that goes with Ello’s already round design.

ello icon
ello social icon

What Social Networks are Included in this Icon Pack?

The custom icon pack includes the above social media networks as well as the following:

  • Ello (Icon Pack 1)
  • Facebook (Icon Pack 1)
  • Twitter (Icon Pack 1)
  • Google Plus (Icon Pack 1)
  • Linkedin (Icon Pack 1)
  • Instagram (Icon Pack 1)
  • YouTube (Icon Pack 1)
  • Pinterest (Icon Pack 2)
  • Vimeo (Icon Pack 2)
  • Delicious (Icon Pack 2)
  • WordPress (Icon Pack 2)
  • Tumblr( Icon Pack 2)
  • Soundcloud (Icon Pack 2)
  • Flickr (Icon Pack 2)

What are the Icon Dimensions?

  • 128 x 128 px
  • 64 x 64 px
  • 32 x 32 px
Antonino Bologna

Antonino Bologna

Owner / SEO Consultant at Antonino Bologna LLC
Antonino Bologna, owner of Antonino Bologna LLC, is a SEO analyst that lives in South Florida with a background in Network Security.
Antonino Bologna
Antonino Bologna