bad Logo DesignsA logo is more than just a symbol; it’s a way for you to brand your product/service with a relevant as well as timeless logo design to match your business’s message. Designing the perfect logo for your company, whether small or large, is a necessary step when implementing proper SEO tactics for any business. As creating a good logo takes time as well as experience in order to master. Though as long as you follow these few necessary principles, then you too can master a logo creation with ease.

What Makes a Good Logo Design?

  • Simple; a simple logo communicates easily
  • Versatile; keep a copy of your logo in a compatible format
  • Appropriate; be tasteful
  • Memorable; make a connection to your product
  • Credible; able to display a clear message
  • Describable; illustrate your brand appropriately
  • Timeless; make a logo that lasts a lifetime
  • Scalable; make it big and you can always make smaller copies
  • Relevant; to your brand as well as your industry
  • Updated; as well as modern

*note: Making proper use of favicons can help your business’s new logo become more memorable.

Now that we have reviewed what it takes to create the ideal logo. I present to you, as promised, 5 of the worst logo designs ever created:

bad logo designs

The Worst Logo Design for the Money

As a bonus I have decided to include a 6th design to this list of terrible logo designs.

Colorado logoThe unofficial worst logo of the year award goes to a 1.5 million dollar logo that was designed to rebrand the state of Colorado. It was said that this overpriced clip art logo will be used in Colorado on everything from vehicle decals to street signs.

Antonino Bologna

Antonino Bologna

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Antonino Bologna, owner of Antonino Bologna LLC, is a SEO analyst that lives in South Florida with a background in Network Security.
Antonino Bologna
Antonino Bologna